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Monomers for bioplastics

Bioplastics solutions
Lactic acid based monomers for bioplastics are 100% biobased and offer the opportunity to improve the carbon footprint of industrial and consumer products to consequently obtain more sustainable products. For more information, please visit the Bioplastics webpages click here.
Today Purac uses agricultural feedstocks to produce lactic acid and lactides. Common examples are cane sugar, corn starch, beet sugar, tapioca starch. For the production of lactides, the monomers for bioplastics we strictly use GMO-free feedstocks. As part of our sustainable sourcing program, Purac is a member of Bonsucro and SEDEX. Through Bonsucro, a multi-stakeholder non-profit initiative, we work on reducing the environmental and social impact of cane sugar production. Through SEDEX, a multi-stakeholder, non-profit initiative, we engage with our suppliers concerning social, ethical and environmental aspects of their activities. 
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Production process
Fermentation of carbohydrates is the core of our fermentation process. Micro-organisms derived from nature, convert agricultural feedstocks into lactic acid and other organic acids. After the fermentation, the organic acids are purified and concentrated and for a large part, used to produce derivatives. Overall, nature is a very important contributor to our final natural products. In our production plants, we continuously look for opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint by decreasing energy consumption and water use, and the production of co-products and waste materials. Purac is also actively working on the the development of processes to replace agricultural feedstocks with cellulosic feedstocks, so called 2nd generation, biomass in order to not interfere with the food value chain.

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About Corbion Purac

Corbion Purac is a leading company in food preservation, biobased chemicals and biobased monomers for PLA. It is the worldwide market leader in lactic acid, lactic acid derivatives and lactides.