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On a daily basis the world's population is faced with reports of health problems in which subjects such as increasing levels of obesity and heart disease are far too common. As a result consumers worldwide are looking more towards food processors to provide healthy food solutions.


One of the challenges in reducing sodium content in food products is that salt plays a key functional role in yield, flavor and shelf life. Simply cutting back on sodium chloride will have a detrimental effect to quality, while sodium reducing alternatives, such as potassium chloride, often result in bitter off flavors.



PURASAL® potassium lactate improves the quality of sodium reduced products while extending shelf life. Purac offers  a range of potassium lactate products that can be used in sodium reduced products without negatively affecting flavor.


Verdad is our line of ingredients made via natural fermentation, labeled as cultured (corn) sugar and/or vinegar. Verdad potentiates salty and meaty flavor perception allowing processors to reduce sodium up to 30% while maintaining product safety and shelf life needs.

PuraQ® Arome NA4: Nature's best solution for sodium reduction
The PuraQ Arome portfolio is based on ferments that can be labeled as natural flavoring. PuraQ Arome NA4, Purac's double award-winning natural flavoring for  sodium reduction, is specifically developed to add a savory flavour and re-establish a salty, umami-like flavour profile to food products. PuraQ Arome NA4 allows for sodium reduction up to 40% while maintaining high quality.



PuraQ Arome NA4 can be used in a broad variety of food products, including meat, poultry, deli-salads, bakery, dips, spreads, dressings, and (cooking) sauces.










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PURASAL HiPure P Plus is specifically designed to be used in (low sodium) refrigerated food products for its preservation properties whilst not contributing to the sodium content. PURASAL HiPure P Plus is the potassium salt of natural L-lactic acid and has a high assay of 78% lactate. It has minimal taste impact on the end product and is neutral by pH.

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PuraQ Arome NA4

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PuraQ Arome NA4 is a natural flavour produced by fermentation of specifically selected food cultures and natural substrates. PuraQ Arome NA4 is designed to act as building block to restore the taste profile as well as aiding the manufacturer to resolve dough handling and compensate for losses in texture.

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PuraQ Arome RA25

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PuraQ Arome RA25 is a natural flavor and can be used to enhance certain spice and herb flavors in refrigerated foods. The product is produced by fermentation with specifically selected food cultures to yield sensorial attributes that enhance the overall savoury perception.

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Opti.Form PD Plus

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Opti.Form P is used for its antimicrobial properties to increase food safety against pathogens. It is a formulation of potassium lactate and food grade sodium di-acetate.

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