Safe and antibiotic-free meat, poultry and fish products

Production and origin
PURAC® FCC 88 is feed grade Purac lactic acid which is produced by fermentation of sugar.

Physical appearance
PURAC FCC 88 is a clear transparent fluid.
Liquid form.
Shipped in barrels, cubitainers or by  truckload.

Use in final applications
PURAC FCC 88 is a short chained fatty acid and a relatively strong organic acid.
Its function is as an acidulate, preservative and anti microbial. In teat-dip applications, Lactic Acid is often incorporated for its useful antimicrobial properties and for mildness that is appropriate for the delicate udder skin.

Physiological effect
PURAC FCC 88 is easily absorbed surface of the udder, clearing the surface of some harmful bacteria.

PURAC FCC 88 in combination with e.g. sodium chlorite, hydrogen peroxide, glycerol monalaurate, used as teat-dip, applied before and after milking is known preventative agents, effective against mastitis.

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About Corbion Purac

Corbion Purac is a leading company in food preservation, biobased chemicals and biobased monomers for PLA. It is the worldwide market leader in lactic acid, lactic acid derivatives and lactides.