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Corbion Purac
Leading in natural food preservation and biobased building blocks

Our purpose

Our purpose is to improve the quality and sustainability of life. How do we do this? By always keeping our vision, mission and values in mind when doing business.


To help to create a society where people can make a conscious choice for safe, healthy and delicious food is our vision. We also help to protect our planet by offering environmentally friendly solutions made from renewable resources.


Our mission is to make customers successful by creating unique experiences through the best products, technology and service


Our values: partnership, passion, performance.

Furthermore, we work to the strictest sustainability guidelines. Each year, as results of our efforts, Corbion presents its sustainability report which is openly available to everyone.

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About Corbion Purac

Corbion Purac is a leading company in food preservation, biobased chemicals and biobased monomers for PLA. It is the worldwide market leader in lactic acid, lactic acid derivatives and lactides.